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BABA AMA Lyrics | Trishala Gurung | With PDF


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The song “Baba Ama” (बाबा आमा) is a recent release by Trishala Gurung, a talented Nepalese singer-songwriter. The song comes with an official music video directed by Abhishek Subedi and produced by Fuzz Factory Productions, which was unveiled on August 17, 2023, through Trishala Gurung’s official YouTube channel, “Trishala Sings.” The poignant lyrics for the song were penned by Ram Prasad Gurung, while the music was composed by Rikesh Gurung Keys. It’s a heartfelt composition that beautifully captures emotions and sentiments.

Song Title Baba Ama Lyrics
Trishala Gurung
Ram Prasad Gurung
Rikesh Gurung Keys
Music Video Director
Abhishek Subedi
Music Video Production....
Fuzz Factory Productions
Songs Genre
Nepali Pop Music
Released Date
August 17, 2023
6 Min 35 Sec

Baba Ama Lyrics

“Trishala Gurung Lyrics”

Jaanma dine baba ama bhagwaan hun mera, haa
Jaanma dine baba ama bhagwaan hun mera, haa
Yo mutu bhari maya cha baba
Yo mutu bhari maya cha aama
Ashirbaad raakhi shirai ma
Chalirahey chu jeewan ka paaila haaru
Harek dinn yo sundar sansar ma, yo sansar ma
Janma dine baaba aama bhagwaan hun mera, haa

Ama mero lagi sahanu bhayo prasad pida haru
Baba mero lagi bagaunu bhayo abhiral pasina haru
Baa aama le pida haru ma jeeta diyo maya le
Baa aama le khushi haru ma saatha diyo maya le
Lakshya ma pugne goreto haru
Dekhaunu bhayo baba le
Thesha nalagos malai bhani
Doryaunu bhayo aama le
Yo mutu bhari maya cha baba
Yo mutu bhari maya cha ama
Ashirbaad raakhi shiraai ma
Chalirahey chu jiwan ka paila haaru
Harek din yo sundar sansara ma, yo sansara ma
Jaanma dine baaba ama bhagwaan hun mera, haa!

End The Lyrics 

Baba Ama Official Video

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