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Buwa Ko Naak Hos Lyrics In English & Nepali |  Coolboyyy | With English Translation


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“Buwa Ko Naak Hos” is a creative work that intertwines lyrics, composition, and direction masterfully handled by Coolboyyy ❤️. Nischal Shrestha brings captivating visuals as the Director of Photography (D.O.P), ensuring that the music video is visually engaging. The song’s audio quality is refined with the mixing and mastering performed by Kpass Katwal. The final touch in terms of edits is contributed by Sajal Maharjan.

Buwa Ko Naak Hos Lyrics Describe

A young man’s longing for his village while he faces the challenges of city life. He reflects on his past, missing his family, the simple life, and the warmth of his home. Despite the difficulties he faces in the city, he learns to appreciate the values he was raised with. The repeated lines at the end emphasize his love and gratitude towards his family

Song Title Buwa Ko Naak Hos
Lyrics, Composition, Direction
Coolboyyy ❤️
Nischal Shrestha
Kpass Katwal
Sajal Maharjan
Release Date on
Oct 21, 2023

Buwa Ko Naak Hos Lyrics

Buwa Ko Naak Hos Official Video

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