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Ek Mauka Lyrics In English & Nepali | Karan Bhatta | With English Translation.


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“Ek Mauka Lyrics” is a musical creation by the talented artist Karan Bhatta. Karan not only wrote and composed the song but also delivered an exceptional performance that brings his artistic vision to life. The song’s production was handled by Matthew May, with Anup Kunwar serving as the co-producer and handling the mixing and mastering, ensuring top-notch audio quality. The lyrical artistry for “Ek Mauka” was contributed by Toxii, adding depth and meaning to the song’s lyrics. The recording of this masterpiece took place at Aafnai Records, where the creative process was captured and refined to create a memorable musical experience. “Ek Mauka” is a testament to the collaborative efforts of these individuals, resulting in a compelling piece of music.

Song Title Ek Mauka
Karan Bhatta
Matthew May
Anup Kunwar
Lyrical Art
Aafnai Records....
Release Date on
Sep 15, 2022

Ek Mauka | Karan Bhatta | Lyrics

Ek Mauka | Karan Bhatta | Official Video

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