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“GMBLIN LYRICS” is a new rap song released by popular Nepali rapper VTEN also known as Sameer Ghising. The song features the work of Danish Cerchan, Urgen Moktan, Big Man and Sunje, showcasing their collective talents. The audio version of the song was originally released on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music on July 4, 2023. The official music video was later released on VTEN YouTube channel on July 7, 2023. With Nepali lyrics with its passionate rap delivery, “GMBLIN” is an example of VTEN’s artistic prowess and unique style. With a mastery of mixing music himself, VTEN demonstrates his versatility as an artist and producer. Produced by Trap Nepal, the song adds great depth along with the production quality. Listeners will be able to enjoy “GMBLIN” on various streaming platforms and immerse themselves in the dynamic rap songs introduced by VTEN and its fellow featured artists

Song Title Gmblin
VTEN ft. Denish Serchan, Urgen Moktan, Big Man, Sunjay
Mixed and Mastered
Trap Nepal
Songs Genre
Released Date (Audio)
July 4, 2023
Released Date (Music Video)
July 7, 2023


Malai taha chaina k huncha bholi ko din ma
Tesaile hustle ma gardai chu dinn raat
Mero keta haru saath chaan, chaina kehi chinta
Raat bhari studio lagdaina nindra
Tara malai baal bhayo (4x Times)

Aakha purai raato
Hidhdai chu kaa po
Peace like Pablo
Hustle in rap bro
Talai pani taha bho
Dai haru ko para
Scene purai khako
Baal chaina kaa ko ta

Mero dinn, mero saab, mero yugg,
Hurkeko Swayambhu ko street ma (4x Times)

Nahereyne le ya I’m bad
Like daddy money gambling
She dragging me like cash running
This sh*t is always happening
No one there, stand for me
But I don’t give a fu*k about
Money, pu*sy, love, bi*ches, g*n ani gang pani
Tesaile baal bho, tara malai baal bhayo (2x Times)

Malaai taha chaina k huncha bholi ko dinn ma
Tesailey hustle ma gardai chu dinn raat
Mero kta haru saath chan, chaina kehi chinta
Raat bhari studio laagdaina nindhra

Hami jahile psycho ma, jahiley ni jhyap mai!

End The Lyrics 

Gmblin Official Lyrics Video

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