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Magic Lyrics SACAR aka Lil Buddha ft. 88savagegod


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The song “Magic Lyrics” a much-awaited collaboration between SACAR aka Lil Buddha and 88savagegod, has finally graced the music scene. This Nepalese singer-songwriter and rap artist duo bring their unique talents together to create an enchanting piece. The song, accompanied by a captivating music video by NFTP, was unveiled on August 9, 2023. Prior to its video release, “Magic” was made available on major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music on August 8, 2023. The music video beautifully complements the song’s essence, showcasing the artistic prowess of both Lil Buddha and 88savagegod. The production was expertly handled by Def Starz, while recording and mixing were done by Bluesss. The visuals, directed by Jholeyism, elevate the song’s impact, making “Magic” an unforgettable musical experience.

Song Title Magic
Music Label
YB Records
SACAR aka Lil Buddha Ft. 88savagegod
Music Video Director
Def Starz
Recorded by
Mixed by
Songs Genre
Nepali Pop Music
Released Date
Aug 9, 2023
3 Min 26 Sec

Magic Lyrics

“SACAR aka Lil Buddha Lyrics”

Your love is magic, forever
Shawty give me your heart
Ready for your love gimme gimme your call
Ready for your love swimming into your drawers
Shawty make me wanna do the shimmy shimmy ya ya
So I shimmy shimmy ya ya
Your love to me’s like tripping on dr*gs
You’re on a mission giving out love
I’m on the top but you can come swap
I’m in into you and no I can’t stop
I got a plan to get you fuc*ed up
I got a plan to come around
So see you when I am back in town

Your love is magic, forever

Yeah I’ll come around
Right now the world is spinning round
Right now I’m busy making rounds
Capture the time and making your sounds
Try to take me down
Wait for the moment stay for now
Wait for my call to take you out
IJust want you to wait for now
I ain’t scared to raise some eyebrows
I ain’t looking to make my dad proud
Let loose and raise the vibe now

Your love is magic, forever!

End The Lyrics 

Magic Official Video

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